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Unitary temple

Stars Temple
Fairies Island
Enchanted Forest at Night

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sacred temple
The Stars Temple
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Fairies Island

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How to enter into the 3D Worlds:

You do not have the Unity3D plugin installed in your browser...

Look on the right side of your screen and click on “Unity install now” logo.
Then click on “run” to install the plugin. At the end of the installation, click on finish or close.
Once it is installed, the scenes will load up.
Loading this 3d world for the first time...
The first time you enter this world, it will take a few moments to transfer the entire scene
(Cable or DSL connection is advised). Once you enter the scene, it will cache the scene in your browser,
so the next time you enter, it will load almost instantly.
Getting around in our virtual worlds...
You can move around with your avatar according to the position of your mouse.
To move forward, position the cursor of your mouse on your avatar while holding down
the left and the right mouse buttons.
To turn to the right, move your mouse to the right. To turn to the left, move your mouse to the left.
To move back, use the S key or the “down” arrow key. To fly, press the spacebar. To go down, use the B key and X to Enchanted Forest at night.
You can also move forward using the W key or the “up” arrow key.
You can use a joystick to move your avatar, to fly and to go down.
Changing view with the camera...
You can also change your angle of view with the A and D keys or the left-right arrows.
If you use the wheel you can also ZOOM IN on the camera view.
To go FullScreen...
Right click on the scene. A small menu appears. Choose the option “Go Fullscreen”.
To leave the fullscreen mode, press on the Escape (Esc) key.


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